The Brutal Truth About Happiness – How to Become Happy?

We all want to be happy, right? Likewise, we all have certain ideas about what we should do, the social standards we should meet, and how our lives should unfold in order to experience the happiness we so much seek.

The more I work with people as a life coach, it becomes clear to me that the desire to experience true happiness is basically the main motivation for everything we do – whether it is our private or business goals. People do not want, for example, a new car primarily because they have a new car, but because they believe that this experience will bring something new to their lives and make them feel happier and more fulfilled. People do not want to travel the world primarily for travel reasons but because they believe that travel will bring them new experiences and perspectives that will make their lives better.

However, in my opinion, one of our biggest obstacles to making a happy and fulfilling life is our conscious or unconscious conclusion that we know what we need to be truly happy.

Let’s be real … we just don’t know it!

However you turn, the fact is that this long-awaited fortune is constantly bypassing you, or, if it does, lasting very briefly. No matter what area of ​​life we ​​are concerned, we do not know what the final outcome that would bring us the most love, joy and peace should look like.

Our mind, shaped by years of programming by an environment dominated by a culture of fear, is simply not capable of understanding what can truly make us happy. We often believe that the achievement of particular goals or changes in external circumstances will make us happy, and so, waiting for external change, we just spin into a vicious circle that has no way out.

But don’t get me wrong. Having clear and specific goals is something that is healthy and highly desirable. To be able to provide for yourself certain material things, good health, quality education, business success, harmonious and fulfilling relationships and a better future for your children is quite natural. Wanting to live with a sense of accomplishment and accomplishment is wonderful. Yet why not if our standard of living is not such that it allows us to express ourselves the way we truly want to.

Although these are important aspects of life that should by no means be neglected, you will not experience true happiness – which you deeply desire – by repaying your loans, buying a new car, apartment or house when your children grow up , when you get married, when you get divorced, when you lose weight, when you get fat, when you get a raise, when you stop smoking and start exercising, when you change jobs and work environments, when you get promoted at work, when you graduate, when you meet your soulmate, when the world recognizes your value …

If you want to experience true happiness in life, only temporarily, give up the idea that you know what can make you happy. You don’t know that! Of course, you do not know this because you lack intelligence, imagination and creativity but because it is not intended to be your part of the job.

I am aware that at first glance, it may sound pointless, illogical, unfounded, and completely at odds with most psychology and personal development programs and learning, but stay with me and you will be clearer in what I think.

We live with the belief that we have got our minds to use it to make decisions that affect absolutely every area of ​​life.

Yes, our mind definitely plays a big role in our lives. This is not in dispute. We absolutely need him to do current affairs, communicate, write business plans and strategies, study literature, and an unlimited number of other things.

However, he is completely powerless to make meaningful decisions when it comes to our happiness and other important life issues. It’s just not his specialty.

However, there is something else in us… it is not a stranger but an aspect of ourselves… that we have forgotten… and rarely when we consider it when we use the word “I” or “Me”…

It’s about our Spirit or Inner Wisdom … or call it whatever you see fit.

We have forgotten to look upon ourselves as a being whose true nature is spiritual. We have forgotten to look upon ourselves primarily as the Spirit who came to express Himself on Earth with the intention of experiencing particular experiences, and we have accepted the widely accepted illusion of ourselves as physical beings who can sometimes have spiritual experiences. We have forgotten that love, joy and peace are our true nature. We have forgotten that happiness is a major ingredient in our spiritual design.

The key to experiencing true happiness, and at the same time experiencing love, joy, and peace, is to give up the idea of ​​knowing what you need and let your Spirit guide you through life.

As you let your Spirit guide you through life, you become an instrument through which your true nature – love, joy, and peace – can be freely expressed. As you surrender to the guidance of your Spirit, you create space for miracles in your life. You still use your mind for everything it needs, but it is guided by an unlimited source of creativity – the source of your intuition!

In those moments, your pursuit of happiness ceases. Instead of looking for happiness, you are thinking of expressing the happiness you already feel in yourself. Instead of trying to figure out what might make you happy, your mind becomes a powerful tool in the service of happiness that is already within you. Instead of asking others to give you what you think will make you happy, your focus is on giving others what you already feel in yourself – happiness. The more you give happiness, regardless of the form of expression, it becomes more present in your life and you are able to express it even more and more harmoniously.

You still have and pursue your goals (private and business), you are still active and entrepreneurial, but not to find happiness, but to express the happiness you already feel in yourself!

Keep in mind that your “Spirit,” “Inner Wisdom,” or call it whatever you want, “sees” a far broader picture of your life than the perspective of your mind. Your Spirit is fully aware of your unity and ongoing connection to God / Source. This part of you is thoroughly aware of your past, present and numerous situations that await you in the future. Knows your skills, abilities, talents, and the reason you came to Earth.

“He” KNOWs what you need to experience true happiness – and his job is to guide you through love, joy, and peace!

By letting the Spirit guide you through life, you create space for miracles in your life. You are literally becoming a co-creator with God / Source.

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